Mug Shot.💰👃💰
Anonymous asked : You have the most beautiful eyes , the type that inspire a painter and to relax a writer

That’s one beautiful compliment☺️ thank you!😊

mrshutyoassup asked : If you're not already, you're going to break heart.... So beautiful!

I hope not! 😳 thank you!☺️

loveandprescriptiondrugs asked : You are literally so beautiful 💕 I love seeing your face on my dash. Have a lovely day/night Hun :)

People like you make me sooo happy!☺️thank you sweetheart 😘😘



Lake Orta, Italy
Mug Shot.💰👃💰
yjuberfan asked : Hi. I really like your artwork. Do you have a Deviant Art?

Thank you! I appreciate it☺️ and nope I don’t



MILAN FASHION WEEK UPDATE:Bette Franke for Gucci F/W 2014, Ready-To-Wear collection.

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